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20 Ways to Increase Your Testosterone Naturally

20_Ways_To_Increase_Your_Testosterone_Naturally1. Sex. I get to be the bearer of good news: you can actually increase your testosterone levels by having sex.

2. Sleep: Testosterone is directly related to the amount of sleep you get each night. The more sleep, the more you increase your testosterone. Sleep also boosts Growth Hormone.

3. Diet. You can actually increase testosterone through diet. Particularly, eating the correct balance of good fats & high quality protein, will promote testosterone production.

4. Decrease Estrogen. Broccoli, soya, and increased fibre have all been shown to reduce estrogen.

5. Tribulis Terristris. Tribulis Terristris is an interesting product that is herbal based. It is an aphrodisiac and Nitric Oxide booster ( which means it increases blood flow) and will even bump up your testosterone.

6. Weight Lifting. There is considerable evidence that long term weight lifting and strength training can actually increase baseline testosterone.

7. Attitude. Your outlook on life controls just about everything, so why not your testosterone as well? Depression will destroy your testosterone and the opposite will increase your testosterone.

8. Watch the Sugar. Blood sugar spikes lead to decreased testosterone. In fact, blood sugar elevation can decrease testosterone by as much as 25%!

9. Metabolic Syndrome is associated with lower levels of testosterone. See our Functional medicine page for more details on metabolic syndrome.

10. Insulin Resistance. Insulin resistance has been correlated with decreased levels of testosterone. Of course, insulin resistance is one of the symptoms of Metabolic syndrome already mentioned. But I wanted to highlight this because so many people do not even know what Insulin Resistance means. Insulin resistance occurs in a "pre-diabetic" stage where your body starts pumping out extra insulin because your cells no longer retain their youthful responsiveness. This means that both glucose and insulin build up in your system because insulin is what allows blood glucose to enter your cells. There are many ways to combat insulin resistance, including exercise and reduction of visceral fat.

11. Reduce Stress. Some of us thrive on stress. Adrenaline is a "rush" after all, right? What we don't realize is that not all our hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol, go up with stress. Some hormones, your testosterone in particular, head south very quickly under those conditions. In fact, what science has found is that if your corisol, the primary stress hormone, is high enough it is the culprit in shutting down testosterone directly. Some of us can, therefore, increase our testosterone by lowering our stress.

12. Overtraining. This is one for all you gym rats. If a little is good, then more must be better, right? Wrong! Study after study has shown that overtraining can effect your testosterone negatively for days afterwards and decrease your immunity while it's at it.

13. Alcohol. Alchohol consumption can lead to Zinc depletion, which in turn can lead to lower testosterone levels.

14. Drop the extra weight. Fat converts ever increasing amounts of your testosterone into estrogen. Furthermore, low testosterone is correlated to being overweight.

15. Thyroid. Hypothyroidism is associated with low testosterone levels. Furthermore, an underactive thyroid has many overlapping symptoms with low testosterone which as mental fog, anxiety, low energy, low libido and the like. This is definitely worth checking if you are struggling with low testosterone. (This can also be a definite issue with Female Libido as well.)

16. Depression. Depression and testosterone do not go together. If you want to increase your testosterone, you absolutely must get this under control: depression leads to lower testosterone levels and is strongly associated with erectile dysfunction as well, which of course will only lead to greater depression. In addition, many people do not realize that long term depression usually leads to diabetes, heart disease and loss of brain tissue as well.

17. Vitamin C. Vitamin C at megadose levels has been shown to lower cortisol responses to heavy exercise. 1500mg/day

18. Resveratrol. Resveratrol is a naturally occurring substance that comes from grapes and undoubtedly gives red wine some of its health benefits. One recent study showed that resveratrol increased testosterone - by over 50% .

19. Saw Palmetto/Pygeum/Stinging Nettle. All three of these herbs have a solid and generally safe track records and all three have some studies showing their ability to block the enzyme that conversts regular testosterone into DHT, one of the male androgens infamous for causing hair loss and enlargening the prostate. This is exactly how the hair restoration drug Propecia (formerly called Proscar) works, i.e. by blocking this same enzyme. But the bottom line is that there is no studies that I know of that show these significantly increase testosterone itself.

20. Vitamin D. This all-important vitamin could boost your testosterone levels. Vitamin D is critical for fertility, muscle growth, exercise performance and hundres of other physiological processes.
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